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Buxton opens doors for our community. We are an honest, kind family of learners, inspiring ambition for our pupils’ futures. At Buxton School, we believe that every pupil can be inspired to be the very best that they can be. We have integrity; aiming to for all children and young people to become high achievers and kind, active citizens in our ever-changing world.
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@BuxtonSchInfo - 15 Dec
Year 3 and 4 Christmas Carol
@BuxtonSchInfo - 15 Dec
Reception's Nativity Play 2021! - Class RV and RL
@BuxtonSchInfo - 19 Nov
Buxton are promoting the Children in Need campaign this week to help support the cause. We have shared a range of fundraising ideas. Please click on the link below to see more.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 18 Nov
Reception Open Day
@BuxtonSchInfo - 21 Oct
Primary School - Harvest Assembly - Year 1 to 6.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 13 Oct Virtual Open Evening
@BuxtonSchInfo - 13 Oct
Virtual Open Evening 2021
@BuxtonSchInfo - 7 Oct
Register for Open Evening 2021!
@BuxtonSchInfo - 7 Oct
Primary Virtual Parents’ Evening via Teams-Thursday 21st October 2021
@BuxtonSchInfo - 22 Sep
Register for Open Evening 2021!
@BuxtonSchInfo - 22 Sep
Application for Nursery!
@BuxtonSchInfo - 17 Sep
Register for Open Evening 2021!
@BuxtonSchInfo - 13 Sep
Some of the amazing produce sold at our first Farmer's Market on Sunday 12th September held at Buxton School. Come along every Sunday between 10am and 2pm to buy from a wide range of fresh products.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 31 Aug
Primary Return to School Arrangements - September 21
@BuxtonSchInfo - 27 Aug
September 2021 Return to School Arrangements. We look forward to welcoming your child back to school starting on...
@BuxtonSchInfo - 16 Jul
Key Stage 2 Sports Day
@BuxtonSchInfo - 15 Jul
Year 8 - Good to be Green. To reward good behaviour as part of our ‘Good to be Green’ system. Some Year 8’s went to the Olympic Park and enjoyed a number of activities, eating lunch in the open air and running a few competitions.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 13 Jul
Following on from the football on Sunday a discussion around the racism experienced by the players who missed a penalty and in particular Bukayo Saka was had by 5M. 5M have written a class letter to the England team.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 13 Jul
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