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Extra - Curricular Activities

Extra - Curricular Activities


Clubs are run on a rolling programme. Most clubs are very popular and are often oversubscribed. We use a first come, first served system to be as fair as possible and then use a waiting list for any children who miss out on a place. The clubs are run by a mixture of school staff and external coaches who we employ. Some of these clubs include a fee per session or for the whole term which will be payable by Parent Pay.

You can access the timetable to view our current provision below. If you are interested in sending your child to one of our clubs, then please send an e-mail to

All clubs are collected from different locations and different times, which are clearly outlined on the timetable. It is important to know the collect point beforehand and to be on time to collect your children. Persistent absence (more than 3 consecutive sessions) may result in the place being withdrawn for your child.

Parents will always be notified by letter or by Microsoft Forms if the child has been allocated to a club

We have a range of extra-curricular activities at Buxton School that cover a range of interests, such as:


East london dance


East London School of Dance



Chess Club

Debate mate

Debate Mate Club

Art club


Art Club



Basketball Club

Leyton oreint football club]

Leyton Orient Football Club

Homework club

Homework Club


Guitar Lessons


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