Nature Area

At our school, we are proud to showcase our enchanting Nature Area, affectionately known as the Secret Garden. This verdant oasis is dedicated to fostering a love for the natural world and promoting the wellbeing and mental health of both children and staff. Our environmental tutors, available every Thursday, work with different classes in the Secret Garden and host an after-school club, offering an immersive and educational experience for all who participate. 

The Secret Garden serves as an exceptional outdoor classroom, providing a serene backdrop for curriculum lessons, including science, geography, and art. We believe that spending time in a natural environment has a profound positive impact on the wellbeing and mental health of our students and staff, and the Secret Garden is a testament to this belief. 

Transforming the Secret Garden into a thriving hub of growth and activity has been a labour of love, made possible through numerous volunteer days and the tireless efforts of Ms. Venus. Once an overgrown and underutilised space, it now flourishes with life and offers endless opportunities for exploration and learning. 

Our ambitious plans for the Secret Garden continue to unfold, as we strive to make this space even more engaging and accessible for our students. Most recently, we renovated the pond, adding safety fencing to ensure that children can soon use it as part of their lessons. With a dedicated community of staff, volunteers, and students, we are excited to see the Secret Garden continue to grow and inspire for years to come. 

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