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I /we will:
  • Make sure my child attends school every day, on time

  • Make sure my child wears the correct uniform to, at and on the way home from school (see other side for list of banned items)

  • Make sure my child has the correct learning equipment for the day, including PE kit

  • Make sure my child completes their homework on time and to the best standard

  • Attend all Parents’ Evenings and other appointments and meetings to discuss my child’s progress

  • Make sure my contact details are up-to-date and

  • Let reception know if my details change

  • Read and sign my child’s Student Planner every week

  • Make sure my child goes straight home after leaving school to ensure their safety and does not loiter in the local area

  • Approach the school to help resolve any issues of concern

  • Understand that both yourself and staff need to work together for the benefit of your child

  • Pay for any deliberate damage caused by my child

  • Support and reinforce all the school policies

  • Support the following (for secondary students):

  1.  Up to 30 minute detentions without notice
  2.  Same day detention after school until 4 pm once informed (sanction for disrupting the learning of others)
  3. 20 minute lunch time detentions
In Class/School Expectations, I will:
  • Attend school every day, on time

  • Be on time to every single lesson

  • Wear the correct uniform at all times

  • Always have the correct equipment for the day

  • Follow school rules at all times

  • Complete my homework on time to a high standard

  • Respect the authority of staff and do what they ask me to do the first time

  • Be polite at all times and be mindful of my language

  • Aim to make positive contributions in every lesson

  • move around the school and the site in a safe and calm manner

  • Respect the personal space of others and never ‘playfight’

Out of School Expectations, I will:
  • Wear the uniform correctly to, from and at school

  • Use social media appropriately, never placing myself or others at risk of harm or distress

  • Go straight home after school and always follow staff instructions immediately outside the school site in the local area and on school trips

  • Do nothing to bring the name of the school into disrepute Everywhere  

  • I will be kind, honest, respectful and uphold our Buxton values

We will:
  • Provide a safe, honest, kind and supportive learning environment for learners to achieve their full potential that opens doors and inspires ambition

  • Report regularly on learners’ progress and what they need to do next

  • Provide opportunities for parents/carers to discuss their child’s progress with teachers and other professionals

  • Keep parents/carers informed and listen and respond promptly to concerns

  • Be clear as to the standards of behaviour expected both in and outside school and respond to issues in a firm and fair manner

  • Contact home if secondary students are to be detained for more than 30 minutes after the end of the school day

Banned Items at Buxton School

  • Chewing gum
  • Mobile phones: secondary students may have a mobile phone but it must be switched OFF before they enter the school site and will be confiscated if seen by any member of staff, even if on silent mode. Mobile phones are a distraction to learning. If parents/carers need to contact their child, they can do so by calling the school office and a message will be passed on. Students can get their phones out and switch them on after they have left the school site. If your child is found to have used their mobile phone to photograph, film or record another student or adult, their mobile phone will be kept until the end of the school year. It is possible that the mobile phone will be passed on to the police in some instances.
  • Ear phones (all kinds) will be confiscated if seen by any member of staff
  • False nails of any kind or nail varnish
  • False eyelashes of any kind
  • Trainers of any kind. Except for nursery and reception children, PE and other such activities, students must wear plain, black shoes at all times, to and from school.
  • Hoodies and sports jackets
  • Sweatshirts /tops
  • Sparkly earrings, regardless of how small. Any earrings except small, plain studs (gold or silver) are not allowed.
  • Caps/hats (only plain black woollen hat in cold months for the playground) – secondary students
  • Bandanas/Durags
  • Jewellery except for a small watch and earrings that must be small, plain studs of silver or gold colour only and one only in each ear)
  • SMART watches
  • Laser pens and laser pointers
  • Aerosols
  • Shisha pens/electronic cigarettes
  • Tobacco and cigarette papers
  • Video or audio recording devices and covert technologies
  • Portable PS4s, iPADs, Tablets etc

Involvement with the following items in school will lead to permanent exclusion:

(Ref: DFE-00034-2014)
  • Illegal drugs
  • Knives or weapons (including make-shift and imitation weapons, BB, cap or pellet guns or any bladed item)
  • Fireworks
@BuxtonSchInfo - 8 Jan
Revised Spring Term Buxton School Opening Information
@BuxtonSchInfo - 2 Jan
RT : FirstIy Happy New Year to you all! Important information: Revised Spring Term Buxton School Opening Information (January 2021). Please stay connected via the school website and APP, which can be downloaded from our site.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 17 Dec
RT : Christmas message from all the staff at Buxton School. Please don't forget to watch our Christmas Montage available on all social media platforms.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 17 Dec
Buxton School Christmas Show
@BuxtonSchInfo - 17 Dec
Christmas message from all the staff at Buxton School. Please don't forget to watch over Christmas Montage available on all social media platforms.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 16 Dec
@BuxtonSchInfo - 16 Dec
Primary Christmas Videos 2020!
@BuxtonSchInfo - 11 Dec
Dear Parent/Carer, Correction: School is closed Friday 18th December to ALL pupils. Pupils' last day of school will be Thursday 17th December. School will re-open 5th January 2021. Thank you Buxton School
@BuxtonSchInfo - 10 Dec
PTFA Coffee Morning - Please click on the link below for further information.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 17 Nov
Reception Virtual Open Day - NOW LIVE!
@BuxtonSchInfo - 10 Nov
We will be holding a Virtual Reception Open Day for Reception students due to start school in September 2021. Please visit our school website from the 17th November 2020 to view our virtual tour.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 3 Nov
We will be holding a Virtual Reception Open Day for Reception students due to start school in September 2021. Please visit our school website from the 17th November 2020 to view our virtual tour.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 3 Nov
Please visit our school website to view the Reception Virtual Open Day from 17th November 2020 onwards. Further information can be found on the following link:
@BuxtonSchInfo - 19 Oct
In place of the traditional Open Evening, this year we are offering personalised tours of the school for Year 6 parents. To book a tour please click on the link below.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 19 Oct
So excited to share with you all our Secondary Phase Virtual Open Evening. Our Live Q & A session with the Headteacher is on Thursday 22nd October. Spaces are moving really fast so be sure to book your spot following our link below,
@BuxtonSchInfo - 15 Oct
Buxton School's Virtual Open Evening is now up on our website! Please have a look at what Buxton School has to offer!
@BuxtonSchInfo - 13 Oct
Book your slot for Primary Parents' Evening
@BuxtonSchInfo - 3 Sep
Information regarding the wider opening of Buxton School to all pupils from Monday 7th September 2020 can be found on the school's website on the following page:
@BuxtonSchInfo - 10 Jul
Purchasing the school uniform is easier now as you can order online. You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter and now using our School APP which you can download from our school website.
@BuxtonSchInfo - 26 Jun
Weekly parent newsletter from Mrs Bowers-Broadbent. Have a lovely weekend.
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