Buxton Learning Trust Board

The Role Of Buxton Learning Trust

A Trust School is a state-funded foundation school supported by a charitable trust which is made up of the school and partners working together for the benefit of the school.  

Trust schools employ their own staff, are responsible for their own admissions (following LA statutory guidance) and manage their own land and buildings. We do, however, remain part of the LA family of schools and are funded as other schools. The Governing Body continues to run Buxton School and is still accountable for our performance.

A Trust Board has been established with our partners. Our partners are the University of East London, Waltham Forest NHS (now part of Waltham Forest) and the Local Authority together with Acacia Nursery and Jenny Hammond Primary School.


The membership is as follows:

Gail May

University of East London

Bayo Alaba

Trust Governor, Buxton School

Emma Humm

Trust Governor, Buxton School

Kirstie McQueen

Governing Body, Jenny Hammond Primary School


Governing Body, Acacia Children’s Centre

Rebecca Farraway

London Borough of Waltham Forest


The Trust Board appoint 3 Trust Governors to the Governing Body who are representatives of our Trust partners.

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