Buxton Voices (Student Council)

Buxton Voices ensures that students’ opinions are considered in the day-to-day teaching, administration and future plans of the school. Students are regularly consulted about the content and method of delivery of the Planet You (PSHE) education programme.

Buxton Voices, our Student Voice forum, was devised and launched by students themselves. Class or Form representatives attend 2 monthly meetings to participate in decision making or consultations to discuss areas of the school that concern the entire student population such as reading material, school rules and nutrition.

Consultation is an integral part of Buxton Voices’ role within the school. An element of the schools Anti-Bullying Policy, for example, includes feedback and ideas from our Buxton Voices Forum.

The students produce PowerPoint presentations every month, which are designed to help Buxton Voices representatives feedback to the rest of the school.

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