Consultation on a Proposed Reduction in the Reception Published Admissions Number for Buxton School from September 2022

Posted on: 15 December 2020

14th December 2020

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Consultation on a Proposed Reduction in the Reception Published Admissions Number for Buxton School from September 2022


1. Background

Buxton School was born out of two schools; Cann Hall Primary School and Tom Hood Secondary School in January 2010. The Primary School at this stage was growing from 3 forms of entry to 4. The Secondary School was 6 forms of entry school.

 The School worked alongside the Local Authority to provide additional places in the primary school to meet the growing needs of the predicted birth rate that was an emerging picture derived from pupil placement figures. A bulge class was taken in in 2010, another in 2011 and a permanent expansion was completed in 2012. At this point the Primary Phase became four forms of entry.

 The Local Authority have shared with us that primary pupil places are in decline and have been for some time. Furthermore, in 2015 one local school moved from 1 form of entry to 2 – a 7-minute walk and 0.4 miles away; and a second primary school expanded from 3 forms to 4 forms at the same time as Buxton – an 18-minute walk and 0.9 miles away.

The numbers applying to attend our Primary Phase have steadily decreased since the school expanded.

The local area has also changed; more and more of the localities social housing has been sold and rent has been put up. A number of our families who had previously rented properties or accessed social housing have been moved out of the local area. Some of these properties have also become smaller private units which do not attract families with school aged children.

 An additional problem has been sadly, that South Leytonstone has not benefitted from the regrowth or regeneration seen in central areas of Waltham Forest and so there are no new residents moving into the locality.

Our problem is further compounded by the fact the school is situated on the boundary of two neighbouring Local Authorities; Newham and Redbridge.


2. Factors that have been considered by the Buxton School Governing Body

A. Reducing the Reception PAN is necessary because the number of vacant spaces in each year group. The Local Authority agree with the School’s request and we have remained in discussion about the impact of the reduction upon the needs of the Local Authority. Local population growth indicates that a reduction in the Buxton School Reception PAN will still allow the Local Authority to meet their margins.

B. Declining pupil numbers, particularly in the Primary Phase, combined with vacant pupil places across every year group has resulted in significant drops in funding. In order to manage our financial situation efficiently there is a need to ensure that we are staffing full classes and not operating small class sizes which is expensive. Reducing the PAN in 2022 will ensure that staffing levels are accurately matched to pupil numbers to avoid the school moving into a significant budget deficit.

C. Vacant spaces are costly to the school. All schools currently must consider, review and adjust to their financial forecasts. The school is unable to make the much-needed financial decisions to safeguard its future and avoid it from going into deficit if a reduction to the Reception PAN is not made. The school is doing all it can to plan ahead to avoid financial instability.


3. Specific Proposal

The Buxton School Governing Body is seeking to permanently reduce the Reception PAN from 120 to 60 with effect from September 2022. This means that the number of places available for children in Reception will be 60 and this will be the same in subsequent years thereafter. This is the only proposed change to the admission criteria; all other criteria will remain the same (please see the attached Admissions Policy)


Admissions Policy


4. How to Respond

This consultation will run until Friday 31 January 2021. You are invited to submit comments in writing about the proposal above via email to:


alternatively, you can leave a comment by filling out this form.

Link to the form

Following the consultation period, the Governing Body will consider any comments received and how to proceed. Proposed admissions arrangements for September 2022 will be determined by the end of February 2021.

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