School Meals and Snacks

As part of the National Free Fruit Scheme, all the children in the Foundation Stage receive a piece of fruit to eat during break times. Children have 2 fruit breaks daily, am and pm.

The choice includes apples, tangerines, bananas, pears and tomatoes and seasonal snacks will consist of baby cucumbers, peas, strawberries etc. Children have access to water throughout the day.

For Reception and Nursery lunchtime, parents/carers have the option for their children to have a school cooked lunch or a packed Lunch. This only includes full time pupils in the Nursery.  School meals are free for children in Reception classes but must be paid through parent pay for pupils in the Nursery at a cost of £8.75 per week. School lunchtime is a good opportunity for children to socialise with other school children and therefore the school would encourage parents/carers to consider their choices.

School meals are cooked on the premises so are fresh and nutritionally balanced.  Menus are prepared on a four-weekly cycle. These are published for parents/carers to have a copy.

If a packed lunch is your child’s choice, then we ask for parents/carers to provide a healthy balanced packed lunch box, containing no sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks.  Bottled water and a carton of pure fruit juice will help to keep them hydrated.  Try to ensure it is as easy as possible for your child to get through their lunch in the allotted time.  For example, peeling/chopping fruit and wrapping them in cling film or in a small plastic tub; buy fromage frais and yoghurts in handy tubes.  Provision of snack pots with various vegetables, crackers and fruit allow the children to build their own lunch.  For further advice on what the school feels should be encouraged as part of a healthy packed lunch, please ask for further information.

Parents/carers are requested to ensure that their child has a complete week of packed lunches or school meals. For administration purposes, school meals need to be requested at least weekly, at the beginning of each week.


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