Our Vision & Ethos

Our Vision & Ethos

EYFS Curriculum  

Our inclusive curriculum enables all our children to experience the best possible start to their educational journey.  Our children are all valued for their uniqueness and as such running through our curriculum are strong links between our school and the families and the communities that we serve.  We provide our children with many opportunities to share and celebrate their diverse backgrounds, interests, and experiences.    

Our inclusive practice means that all our children access and enjoy learning with the support of skilled, experienced teaching staff and early years practitioners.  Our ‘focus child’ cycle means that each half term, individuals are observed and assessed more closely.  At the beginning of focus weeks, parents and carers communicate their own knowledge about their child and receive feedback on the child’s progress across the curriculum.   

Our robust and intentional planning ensures children make excellent progress in all areas of the curriculum, moving through each year building upon skills previously taught. We constantly provide enrichment activities to ensure engagement but also to ensure that in our provision our children are exposed to as many different and exciting opportunities and experiences as possible.  Ultimately, our pupils leave our Early Years ready for a smooth transition in Key Stage 1, equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue their journey as well rounded, confident lifelong learners.  

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