Primary Science


At Buxton, we currently teach science in every half-term, drawing objectives from the National Curriculum and supplementing it with additional topics which we think are crucial for our children, such as specific sustainability units. Our approach emphasises the importance of working scientifically and developing critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to use precise scientific vocabulary to understand and articulate concepts effectively. 

We employ experiments and hands-on activities to engage our students, promoting curiosity and critical thinking. Students participate in a diverse range of inquiry types, encountering suitable challenges that raise academic standards. Our goal is to cultivate a lasting interest in science and an appreciation of its vital role in the world around us. 

We strive to build upon our students' innate curiosity and sense of wonder for the natural world. Through a variety of investigations and practical activities, they develop a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and knowledge. We also foster skills in comprehending theories, making predictions, and drawing conclusions. 

In addition, our students learn the significance of science in their own lives, particularly in relation to their health and well-being. They also explore the impact of science on their immediate environment and the broader world, instilling a sense of responsibility and awareness for global issues. 



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