Primary RE


At Buxton School, we believe that religious education (RE) should inspire pupils to explore various religions, beliefs, values, and traditions while reflecting on their own beliefs and questions of meaning. Our curriculum challenges students to reflect on, consider, analyse, interpret, and evaluate issues of truth, belief, faith, and ethics, while fostering their ability to communicate their responses. By cross-referencing themes and content within the subject, we create opportunities for deeper understanding and reflective work. 

Our school recognises the importance of inclusion, ensuring equal access to our RE curriculum for all pupils, regardless of ability, aptitude, race, religion, or gender. We follow the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education - SACRE. 

We are committed to nurturing our students' moral, spiritual, reflective, and cultural awareness. They will gain an understanding of diverse religious experiences through the ethos and values of our school community. Our RE curriculum encourages pupils to be proud of their own beliefs and fosters curiosity and tolerance towards other religions and non-religious practices. 

Religious education promotes a sense of identity and belonging, enabling students to flourish individually within their communities and as citizens in a multicultural society and global community. Our teaching reflects the diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds of our students, following the SACRE curriculum in a structured manner that allows for a comprehensive understanding from EYFS to Year 11. 

RE at Buxton School empowers students to develop respect for and sensitivity to others, particularly those whose faiths and beliefs differ from their own. It fosters discernment, combats prejudice, and is rooted in the principles of tolerance, reflection, and inclusivity. This approach provides our students with valuable insights into various religious and non-religious beliefs. 



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