Primary History


Our history curriculum adopts a global approach, encompassing British history as well as world history, with a strong emphasis on diversity and fostering a broader understanding of the world. Each year group undertakes a history topic at various times throughout the year, facilitating a more in-depth learning experience by maintaining a sustained focus on history and its associated subjects within each topic. 

For instance, in Year 5, pupils study the Roman Empire, with a specific focus on how they impacted the lives on people in Britain at the time, as well as in the modern day. At the same time, in Art, they study the artist Kevork Mourad and their migration themed artwork. This cross-curricular approach to our history topics allows children’s learning to be contextualized and ensures a deeper understanding of the concepts. 

All history lessons feature a skills focus that progressively builds throughout the primary phase, corresponding to the key strands of history: knowledge, chronology, and enquiry (change and continuity, compare and contrast). We engage our students in a variety of activities, such as drama, discussions, debates, and research, ensuring that they remain captivated and thoughtful in their analysis and comprehension of history. This multifaceted approach promotes the development of critical thinking and historical understanding in our pupils. 




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