Geography GCSE

“I am a citizen not of Athens or Greece, but of the world”- Socrates

Course Overview

GCSE Geography students understand what is really going on in the world. By using the latest in ICT technology, and by studying events from all around the world as they happen, students will be switched on and in tune with global events.

Geographical Skills and Challenges

Get up to speed with a wide range of exciting and challenging skills. From map reading and the latest ICT skills, to looking at the many challenges faced by our planet today.

The Natural Environment

From the mighty Amazon and the beaches of Hawaii, to great tectonic landscape, the natural environment shapes our world. Find out how this happens and how people deal with flooding, coastal change and natural disasters all over the world.

The Human World

We look at changes in urban areas from the mean streets of Rio to the estates of Leytonstone. Understand why some areas are better than other and why different groups of people live in different parts of cities.

What links Nike, Ford and Coca-Cola? All these brands have a real impact on the development of countries and the wealth of people. Find out how the UK job scene is changing and get prepared.

At GCSE students currently, study OCR syllabus B.

Course Breakdown

Geography is 75% examination with 2 papers: the first, The Key Geographical Themes paper which covers all of the above areas and the sustainable decision making paper this paper is designed to give students an insight into the decisions taken by government and planners that affect the environment and the lives of people around the world.  There is also a piece of controlled assessment (coursework) worth 25%. Pupils will need to spend time on a field trip collecting data for their coursework.


  1. Rivers and Coasts
  2. Population and Settlement
  3. Natural Hazards
  4. Economic Development


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